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Article Date: 19th July 2021

Samsung DVM S2 Range Receives Eurovent VRF Certification Under New Requirements

Samsung receives eurovent certification

Eurovent is globally known for its quality mark ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ which certifies performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

The ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ mark indicates that the prescribed quality requirement has been fulfilled and should not require the need to be proven after the customer’s decision and after the manufacturer’s production process.

In 2013, Eurovent added VRF to its certification program to certify the performance that reflects the efficiency of the VRF throughout the year. This is known as SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio for cooling mode) or ηsc and SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance for heating mode) or ηsh.

The purpose of all Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) Programmes is to encourage honest competition and to assure customers that equipment is correctly rated on the market. The purpose is achieved by verifying the accuracy of ratings claimed by manufacturers by continuous testing of production models, randomly selected, in independent laboratories. The scope of the programme states that one outdoor unit must be connected to 2 to 8 cassette or ducted indoor units with a connection ratio of 100% +/- 5% to certify the performance.

In 2021, Eurovent introduced new test requirements for VRF; in particular, the air flow rate for each indoor unit shall not exceed 275 m³/h/kW, at standard condition as defined in the standard EN 14511-3:2018.

Andrew Faulkner, Commercial Manager at Samsung commented: “Samsung fully support this new approach of the Eurovent VRF certification program and have already applied the new requirements when testing and certifying our new DVM S2 range, including standard Ducted and new 2021 WindFree™ 4-Way Cassettes. When comparing EUROVENT data between different models and brands on the market, it is important to check which indoor units have been used to calculate the efficiencies. Any comparison of indoor units should be like- for- like based on the certification rules they were tested to.”

Eurovent is an accredited third-party certification body. It builds customer confidence by levelling the competitive playing field for all manufacturers and by increasing the integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings.

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