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Article Date: 1st June 2018

Piller - Active Power XT MMS Adds New Modular System with Extended Run Time

Active Power - UPS System - Generating Sets - Rotary UPS

Piller - CleanSource® XT

Active Power announces the addition of its CleanSource® XT MMS 50Hz and 60Hz series from 225 kW to 2000 kW adding a new extended run time modular system to its highly successful CleanSource® family of UPS products, offering powerful new solutions for scalable applications.

The launch enables Active Power, part of the Piller Group, to offer upgraded performance and longer run time for the data centre and industrial process industries.

First released back in 2016 as a single module system, the field-proven Active Power CleanSource® XT flywheel UPS delivers up to 98% efficiency and takes up less than half the footprint of battery based systems.

The technology is based on a highly fault-tolerant IGBT architecture and is specifically designed to protect all critical loads and provide run time of up to 2 minutes, depending on configuration. The XT MMS range now extends this capability to provide a modular system ranging from 225kW to 2000kW in a variety of configurations ranging up to N+3 resilience.

The Active Power XT series with extended run time, is able to provide ample energy for diesel starting and synchronisation, even when paralleling many generating sets. It offers up to 40% savings on total cost of ownership, is 12 times less likely to fail than static systems and it produces 9 times less carbon emission. Furthermore, having no batteries eliminates the need for expensive, intrusive and risky battery changes during the life of the UPS.

Commenting on the launch, Andrew Dyke, Managing Director Global Business for the Piller Group said:

“The CleanSource® XT MMS, which builds on the impressive field record of Active Power CleanSource flywheel, further extends the benefits of this technology for a wide range of applications. With more than 5,000 wheels delivered to date and an ever-growing demand for flywheel solutions, our technology is providing stability and reliability for ever greater numbers of organisations with mission critical facilities.”

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