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Article Date: 14th June 2019

Systemair Access - Making you the Air Handling Expert

Air Handling - Air Handling Units - Access Control Unit

Systemair Access - Making you the Air Handling Expert

Systemair Access is a complete control solution for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible – helping you to create the perfect indoor climate.

The new control solution makes it easier than ever before to get the full effect from the advanced technology in Systemair’s Geniox and Topvex air handling units. Systemair Access consists of the Access NaviPad, a newly developed user interface for industrial use, and the Access control unit providing state-of-the-art connections such as remote control via mobile devices, BMS integration and the cloud service Systemair Connect.

Systemair Access - Making you the Air Handling ExpertAccess NaviPad

As easy as your smartphone
NaviPad is an ergonomic and robust designed user interface, developed specifically for industrial environments.

Systemair Access NaviPad puts you in control of your air handling unit, making sure you get the most out of capacity and economy.

Fully developed by Systemair, specifically for our air handling units, Topvex and Geniox.

Access Control Unit

Full connectivity and control
The control unit for Geniox, Systemair’s new family of modular and compact air handling units.

HTML5 interface
Intuitive and easy navigation of menus that can be used on a variety of devices including NaviPad, tablets, smartphones or computers. Access to information can be set to three different user levels, depending on competence.

Systemair Access - Making you the Air Handling ExpertConnectors for external components
The installation and startup time can be reduced as all connectors for external components on the control unit are clearly marked and grouped together.

Dedicated BMS system connection
Internal and external communication circuit for bus-based components. Built-in BACnet, Modbus or Exoline communication makes the control unit well-prepared for integration into SCADA or BMS system.

Connection to Systemair Connect
Gather all your air handling units in an easy-to-use cloud service for complete overview and accessibility.

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