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Article Date: 2nd June 2020

Advanced Air - Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers & High-Temperature Dampers

advanced air, fire smoke dampers

Due to the many requirements of smoke control in building designs, this has required the fire smoke dampers to perform different functions which has led us to develop our range into three sections. Each of these three dampers has been crafted to optimise the ventilating systems and air conditioning in the environment in which they are placed within.

Our smoke dampers are used to manage smoke only, whilst our intumescent fire smoke dampers also manage fire and are designed to close when the temperature reaches 74°c. The High-temperature damper operates continuously at 300°c for up to 2 hours. All our intumescent fire dampers and smoke dampers are designed for application in ventilating systems and air conditioning systems where the air way is normally clean and the temperature and humidity are controlled. They have been independently tested and witnessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

2530 Electrical Release Fire Smoke Damper

The model 2530 is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through ventilation ductwork in walls and floors. When power to the damper actuator is removed, the actuator spring is released which closes the damper. Advanced Air 2530 dampers are tested to BS EN 1366-2, BS EN15650 and BS ISO 10294-4. They are then classified to BS EN 13501-3 so that the performance can be certified.

The damper is supplied complete with an actuator pre-wired with flying leads for electrical connection. A test button is also included for checking the actuator operation. The dampers are supplied with 250mm long spigot for installing access doors if required. A multi-section damper may be supplied as one piece or in separate sections for site assembly dependent on the size (see product details). Steel joining strips are utilised to seal the sections.

As standard, all dampers are shipped as single section up to a nominal duct size of 1000mm x 1000mm. Dampers larger than this will be shipped as a multi-section damper fixed together at Advanced Air and shipped as one piece up until 2000mm x 2000mm, at which point the damper will then be shipped as multiple sections shipped separately for assembly by the customer on site. Advanced Air have carried out a test of a multi-section damper in the worst case so that it can be used for both Blockwork wall and drywall AFS installations. Each section shall have its own actuator and the installation shall then be carried out as per the appropriate installation instructions.

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