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Article Date: 4th June 2020

Belimo Record Energy Consumption According to the Source & Bill it Accurately

Belimo, record accurate billing

The laboratories for testing technology and analytics as well as air-conditioned meeting and computer rooms are located around the technical centre. In the basement, the supply units, a heating system (district heating), a compressed air centre and the water supply are installed. On the roof of the building, there is a chiller for the ventilation and air conditioning systems and a cooling tower for the chilled water of the machines in the technical centre.

Precise dimensioning and presetting of the valves becomes easy The biggest challenge in air, heat and especially cold distribution is that the production facilities in the technical centre are only set up successively after the completion of the building and the installation of the building services, and are subject to constant change depending on the status of the project. When the building was commissioned, no performance data was available for many devices and systems. The entire network serves different consumers and is very powerful. Under these conditions, normal differential pressure regulators could not be used here, and hydronic balancing by the building services was not possible.

With the use of the pressure-independent Belimo control ball valves EPIV with electronic flow adjustment, the complex, precisely fitting dimensioning and presetting of valves has been considerably simplified. The EPIVs (electronic pressure-independent valves) can be programmed to the values of the consumers currently in use and easily adapted to the new conditions in the event of changes in the network. The network can be put into operation without all consumers already being connected. Thanks to Belimo’s EPIVs, the time required for hydronic balancing is significantly reduced and can therefore be carried out quickly and easily whenever necessary.

Record consumption data individually and bill to the nearest penny

Belimo Energy Valves™ are also used at certain positions in the chilling circuits. In addition to volumetric flows, these Internet of Things (IoT) devices also record energy quantities (heating and/or cooling) and store them for 13 months. In this way, heaters or chillers can be optimally conditioned, district heating contracts can be optimised in terms of connected load and costs significantly reduced. Valves from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product family are also installed in the heating circuits, and the fire dampers are controlled by Belimo communication and power supply units.

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