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Article Date: 29th March 2017

Advanced - More Projects During February 2017

Diesel Generator - Back-Up Power - Power Generation - Acoustic Enclosures

Advanced - 50Kva silent Cat unit

Traffic Management

A 50Kva silent Cat unit is loaded ready for despatch to a traffic management company, the unit will be used to power a newly developed automatic white lining machine. 

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Storage Solutions

This 170Kva Cummins diesel generator will provide back up power to a national self store company who guarantee access to their sites 24/7. Having already had several power cuts across the country wide network the company have chosen Advanced to supply generators to all 33 locations across the UK.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Circus Power

Another truck mountable 300Kva bespoke diesel generator is on its way out the gate - The unit will provide prime power at Circus events around Europe.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Farm Power

A standard 22Kva Cummins diesel generator despatched to a dairy farm near York. The generator will provide prime power for a portable milking station which will be towed to the fields where the cows are instead of bringing the cows in to the farm.

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