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Article Date: 2nd March 2020

Permaroof - Start 2020 with EPDM Training

Permaroof EPDM Training Image

Kick off 2020 with EPDM flat roof training at Permaroof. Add this fast-growing market leader to your flat roof services and open new doors for your business. Find out more.

We’re excited about the year ahead with all our new products in the pipeline and our continuing expansion as one of the UKs leading EPDM suppliers. Come and join us this year. Get started with EPDM flat roof training at our purpose-built Firestone EPDM training centre, located at our headquarters in Derby.

EPDM flat roof training opens new doors for UK roofers. Single ply roofing membrane is one of the fastest-growing sectors and EPDM is among the very best. Permaroof UK trains roofers from all over the country, offering top-class, Firestone approved, certified training days.

EPDM flat roof training days offer participants an intensive course that delivers:

• EPDM product awareness and introduction

• Application demonstrations by an experienced trainer

• Practical application experience – main application, detailing and repair

• Marketing materials and advice

• Extended warranties/guarantees

• OSCAR Scheme participation (optional)

Buffet lunch is included and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

Why EPDM flat roof training?

EPDM is growing in popularity across the country as more and more professional roofers and homeowners become aware of the long-term benefits of the rubber roofing material. EPDM has an expected lifespan of more than 50 years – far outperforming its traditional rival for domestic flat roofing, felt. EPDM is straightforward to install in the main, making it suitable for DIY shed roof replacement, for example.

For more complex domestic and commercial projects, EPDM is proving to be highly flexible and 100% reliable once correctly installed. When working with a superior roofing material that is expected to last for five decades, it makes sense to ensure you get the best results possible to fully realise the true benefits.

Why Permaroof?

Completing EPDM flat roof training offers flat roofers a chance to expand on their current business offering and capture this market sector. Permaroof also offers further opportunities for trade roofers following EPDM training, including a dedicated account manager, extended warranties and bespoke pricing. Work with Permaroof and offer flat roof materials and installation of the highest quality to your clients.

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