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Article Date: 29th March 2021

Advanced - Fresh Food Backup Power

Advanced fresh food backup power

This bespoke 20-foot Super Silent Acoustic Enclosure houses a 660 kVA Olympian Diesel Generator along with small light and power.

The packaged generator solution was delivered to Leicester, UK where it will provide essential backup power to the distribution headquarters for a multi-temperature logistics and supply chain specialist.

As well as a need to develop more flexible spatial configurations, there is an ever-growing need to continually improve the noise reduction capabilities of generator housings. In the past, a standard noise level was around 80-85dBA at 1m, but as time has progressed a standard project is now approximately 10dBA quieter than that, and often as low as 60dBA at 1m when required – that is about as loud as a normal conversation between two people.

With noise levels required on projects getting lower and lower, we have continued to meet client’s requirements through innovation from our in-house design team that perform all the calculations required to develop new build methods to absorb noise across all octave bands and meet even the quietest of specifications.

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