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Article Date: 31st May 2019

Purus - 10 Years This Month: Purus’ Minimax 50 Floor Gullies at London 2012 Athletes Village

Floor Gullies - Athletes Village - Wetroom Drainage - Wave Grate

Purus’ Minimax 50 Floor Gullies

This week Purus, the Swedish floor gully and wetroom drainage manufacturer, are looking back ten years to Summer 2009, when their Minimax 50 floor gullies were specified for the London 2012 Athletes Village. It remains one of Purus’ proudest achievements to date and they are honoured to have played a part in the project and to have been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Minimax 50 is Purus’ popular horizontal outlet floor gully for level-access shower areas and has a total height of just 76mm including falls. It is BBA-Certified, featured on BIM and can be installed in tiled, vinyl, resin or micro-cement floor finishes on concrete or wooden joist floors. For vinyl floors, there are three different designs of 130mm diameter round stainless steel grates available: Art Deco, Drop and Wave. The Wave grate is Purus’ lockable solution which can be secured into the gully’s clamping ring system with a set of locking nuts, which are purchased separately.

For tiled floor finishes, the PK155 and PK200 grates are Purus’ stainless steel grate solution. They are installed above the gullies as floating grates, set into the floor flush with the tiles of your choice. All PK155 and PK200 grates, which have dimensions of 155x155mm and 200x200mm respectively, are 6mm in depth and have a brushed stainless steel finish.

Purus also manufacture stainless steel grate solutions for resin and micro-cement floors, as well as a wide range of other floor gullies to suit your requirements.

To view technical drawings, data sheets and more information of Purus’ Minimax 50 and other floor gullies and products, please visit their website.

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