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Article Date: 5th May 2020

Roxtec UK Selected to Supply Cable Safety Seals to Europe’s Largest Alumina Refinery

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International safety seal manufacturer Roxtec has supplied Europe’s largest alumina refinery with a range of pipe and cable sealing solutions.

The Swedish-owned company, whose UK branch is in Greater Manchester, was chosen to provide Aughinish Alumina with transit systems to support the creation and upgrading of cable entries into new and existing substations at the business’ refinery facility in County Limerick, Ireland.

Aughinish Alumina is one of the world’s most technologically advanced and energy efficient alumina refineries, producing approximately two million tonnes of alumina annually.

Ronan Mills, Roxtec Market Manager for Ireland, said the transits involved are specifically designed for use underground, creating watertight and airtight seals where cables enter the refinery’s substations. As well as protecting expensive switchgear against water ingress, the seals will also prevent rodents and other small creatures entering substations at cable entry points.

Roxtec’s sealing solutions are used widely across the process industries to protect people and assets from multiple hazards including fire, flooding, the risk of explosion and electromagnetic disturbance. Flexible, reliable and designed to withstand harsh environments, Roxtec’s seals are ideally suited to sealing cable and pipe entry points within motor control centres, substations, E-houses, field auxiliary rooms, control rooms and other high cable density applications.

Mr Mills said: “Substations are exposed to the risk of structural ingress so it is vital that all entry points are securely sealed to protect equipment, safeguard the power supply and ensure business continuity. Aughinish Alumina required a solution that would help maintain the integrity of these essential structures at its County Limerick refinery.

“Roxtec’s UG (underground) and H3-150 round seals are designed to mitigate these exact risks. By creating safe and secure seals at pipe and cable entry points, they will ensure no ingress damages switchgear or power equipment on the inside of the substation. In addition, the flexible nature of these transits allows cables to be replaced and added as required, so any future upgrades are time and cost effective.” Mr Mills said Roxtec transits have also been used to block a number of empty cable ducts within the refinery’s substations to allow for future increases in capacity.

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