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Article Date: 7th May 2020

SPC’s New Airdor Forcefield Now Available in LTHW & Electric Models

SPC Airdor Forcefield

The Airdor Forcefield over door heater creates a powerful yet energy-efficient barrier of air to separate warm and cool spaces.

By creating a high-velocity jet of air that shoots heat right down to floor level, Airdor Forcefield prevents excessive heat loss whilst minimising cold drafts and reducing energy usage. This makes the units ideally suited to shops, restaurants, warehouses, commercial or industrial spaces where doors are left open or opened repeatedly.

In addition, Airdor Forcefield also helps prevent insects and odours from entering through open doors.

Comfort & Control Technology

Each Unit contains individual EC fans that offer both cost and energy savings when compared to traditional AC fans.

Airdor Forcefield over door heaters are suitable for integration with Building Management Systems or for use with manual and thermostatic controls including the SPC Modulo Touchscreen Controller.

Casings come in pure white with black outfit grilles for a clean and modern look. Because we manufacture all of our units in-house at our UK facility we are able to offer custom colours on request.

Exposed over door heaters for low pressure hot water systems

Exposed LPHW Airdor Forcefield units are available in 3 models - 1500, 2000 and 2500mm wide. Multiple units can be combined to cover a greater width.

Output options range from 8.3kW all the way up to 28.4kW dependent on the temperature of your LPHW system.

Enhanced heat exchanger options are available to help boost output on water systems with low temperatures.

  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Mounting heights of up to 3.5mtr.

Required maintenance is minimal and our technical support team is always on hand for guidance.

SPC also offers free site surveys nationwide to help you choose the best option for your project.

SPC’s technical sales team are here to help throughout the current situation. We have implemented a business strategy with social distancing in our offices and manufacturing plant enabling us to support you with enquiries, projects and orders.

To request a site survey, please get in touch using the email option below:

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