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Article Date: 25th May 2021

BRUGG Pipes - The Energy-Saving World Champion CALPEX PUR-KING for Local & District Heating

BRUGG energy saving world champion

The thermal insulation value is a key criterion in the evaluation of pipes for composite thermal systems.

The decisive factor here is the long-term perspective: well-insulated pipes have lower heat losses and significantly lower operating costs over the entire service life of the plant. The savings are enormous with the outstanding insulation achieved by CALPEX PUR-KING foaming.

The reduction in energy consumption is not only economically sensible, but also imperative from an ecological point of view. In the context of climate change, awareness of energy and environmental issues is constantly increasing.

Innovative products such as CALPEX PUR-KING pipes take this trend into account. CALPEX products have always been characterised by above-average environmental compatibility. This feature is just as much a part of the CALPEX brand profile as its high flexibility, durability and ease of assembly.

  • Lambda value of 0.0199 W/m*K as a trustworthy average of many individual measurements from several production lots
  • Test results from independent and accredited institutes confirm the stated heat losses
  • On the market since 2018
  • Pioneering work, patent granted
  • Efficient insulation performance
  • Flexible pipe laying thanks to small bending radius and low physical effort
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