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Article Date: 14th November 2018

Airedale Releases New Microchannel Condenser Range Optimised for Use with R410A Refrigerant

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Airedale Microchannel Condenser

Airedale has launched its next generation of condensers with increased efficiency and lower running costs. With microchannel technology optimised for use with R410A refrigerant, the new range covers cooling capacities from 12kW up to 165kW.

Its use of microchannel coil technology; maximises surface area, reduces air-side pressure drop, increases the heat rejection ability and lowers condenser charge by up to 75%. As such they provide a more environmentally friendly and cost effective solution.

In addition, the new range is optimised for use with R410A refrigerant. With the higher heat transfer capabilities of R410A it increases system efficiencies and is less susceptible to efficiency losses due to pressure drop when compared with R407C.

Additional options to this range include smart ambient cooling kits and optimised head pressure control.

Low ambient kits can extend temperature ranges down to -32°C and with an extra low ambient kit down to -40°C.

Linked with certain other Airedale units, optimised head pressure control, provides improved efficiency.

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