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Article Date: 29th November 2019

Aquilar - New AquiTron AT-DTP Drip Tray Probe

Aquilar AquiTron Drip Tray Probe Image

Water sensing within a drip tray below an air conditioning unit.

The new AquiTron AT-DTP Drip Tray Probe is designed for use with all AquiTron and TraceTek leak detection systems. The probe is fully compatible with TT1000 system components and can be integrated into TraceTek and AquiTron water detection systems, with or without sensor cable, to provide a versatile sensing system.

The AT-DTP sensor includes a stainless-steel bracket to hook over the side edge of a drip tray to detect a small level of water within. Ideally suited for drip trays below air condition units, fan coil units, condensate pumps or any overflow/drip tray. For distributed applications, up to 100 probes may be interconnected by a single jumper cable (daisy chain) and monitored for leak location utilising either a TTDM-128 or TTSIM-1 / 1A / 2 alarm and locating module, providing leak location in either metres, feet or zones (additional equipment required).

The AT-SZA and AT-MZA alarm panels can be used to provide a single or multi zone indication (see panel data sheets for maximum probe quantities).

The AT-DTP probe is not suitable for permanent submersion.

For further information please contact Aquilar using the email option below:

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