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Article Date: 25th November 2019

Danfoss Drives - The Smart Grid Enabler: VACON® NXP Grid Converter for Smart Grids

Danfoss Drives VACON NXP Image

Smart grids with integrated energy storage facilitate energy supply time shift to overcome the intermittent nature of many renewable energy sources. The energy storage system can provide back-up power in the event of energy scarcity from the supply, for example due to load shedding or unplanned blackout.

During power-down, support from energy storage enables consumers to maintain operation for a period of time.

Energy storage also provides backup supply in the event of power outage and handles peak loads. This allows designers to downscale equipment to lower ratings to cope with regular loads, not peak loads.

When integrating energy storage and diverse energy sources into the grid, intelligent power conversion solutions from Danfoss improve grid performance and reduce capital investment requirements, thanks to pre-certified compliance with stringent grid codes.

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