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Article Date: 28th November 2019

Purus Line Linear Drainage Channels for Wetrooms: New Outlet Gully Options Now Available

Purus New Outlet Gully Options Image

Purus Limited, the Swedish manufacturer of level-access drainage solutions for wetrooms and bathrooms, are very pleased to announce that their popular Purus Line linear drainage channels for tiled floors are now available to order with two brand new outlet configurations: the horizontal Side outlet, and the horizontal Side Side (Inline) option which runs parallel to the channel length. The two new outlet options join Purus’ super low-level 59mm Low outlets to complete the range and give their customers new options when choosing a drainage channel to work best for their installation.

Purus’ Side and Side Side (Inline) outlets have always been very popular in their other linear drainage ranges including the Purusline Living for tiled floors and the Purusline Living Plus for vinyl. These outlets are often selected due to their higher flow rates of 60 litres per minute, and the Side Side (Inline) option can often be the ideal choice when an installer needs to avoid existing joists or connect to awkward pipework already present in the floor.

All Purus Line channels can be fitted either against the wall or elsewhere in the room, offering you additional flexibility; and the new outlet options have the added benefit of being suitable for installation into either concrete or wooden floor build-ups.

Grate Designs

All configurations of the Purus Line, including the new outlets as well as the existing 59mm Low outlet version, come in a range of lengths from 600mm to 1200mm (600mm to 1000mm for the Tile Insert option) and can all be paired with your choice of grate from Purus’ range.

Purus Line Tile Insert

The Tile Insert grate option is a very popular option for Purus’ linear drainage channels including the Purus Line. Tiles of your choice, up to 10mm thick, are fitted within the grate itself with a thin stainless steel surround so that the grate is flush with the surrounding floor tiles.

Purus Line with Patterned Grate

If you would prefer a patterned stainless steel grate for your linear drainage, Purus have five designs to choose from. The Chess, Rib, Twist, Platinum and Pearl grates are designed to slot within a narrow stainless steel frame above the outlet gully.

Limited Edition Matt Black

Purus’ recently launched Matt Black grates have a subtle matt finish, allowing you to add a unique black touch to any modern bathroom and to complement your favourite bathroom details. These are the perfect solution if you are looking for something a little different in your wetroom space.

For more information on the Purus Line range, including technical drawings, images and installation instructions, please use the email option below:

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