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Article Date: 28th November 2019

Wieland Electric Presents Compact Safety Controller with Motion Functions Integrated in the Basis Module

Wieland Compact Safety Controller Image

With the samos® PRO MOTION, Wieland Electric is presenting a compact safety controller at SPS 2019, which has all the functionalities for comprehensive speed, direction of rotation and position monitoring in its basis module without the need for an additional motion module. A gateway module for PROFINET I/O, EtherNet/IP or ModBus TCP is also not required thanks to integrating Industrial Ethernet. This saves space, material and costs - advantages that are used in machine and plant construction, presses, elevators, wind turbines and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

With a width of only 45 millimetres, the samos® PRO MOTION includes six basic functions for safe speed, position and direction monitoring. Motion sensors detect pulses of up to 70kHz, which the controller converts into speed, angle, position and direction. The great advantage of this compact controller is that it can implement an extremely large number of safety functions with just one sensor element. Each function block contains up to four areas. Since 25 speed monitoring functions are in one controller, up to 100 speed or position ranges can be monitored with the basis module.

The safe incremental encoder SENC with HTL interface is available as an accessory. This allows speed and angle to be measured reliably on the axes, achieving a unique level of safety up to PLe and SIL3. It is suitable for safe speed, direction and position monitoring on all machines with reference travel and on automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The SENC incremental encoder is available in sizes 58mm and 90mm with hollow and solid shaft and with the appropriate accessories. Of course, the controller can also implement motion monitoring with 3rd party encoders with HTL interface, which are already available in the system.

With samos® Plan 6, Wieland Electric provides intuitive and flexible programming software free of license for simple and time-saving configuration, parameterisation, validation and commissioning. The user-friendly tool enables intuitive programming even without detailed product knowledge, as requirements are used instead of specific products in the course of automatic hardware configuration. This significantly reduces the engineering effort.

In addition, safety functions can be quickly validated, verified and documented on site both in offline and online mode using the oscilloscope function. An extensive library with TÜV-certified function blocks, including motion functions in accordance with EN61800-5-2, enables error-free parameter setting and supports fast acceptance by approval authorities.

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