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Article Date: 23rd November 2020

ABB - Metal Enclosed Capacitor Bank: ABBACUS E-Series

ABB Power metal enclosed capacitor bank

Enhancing power quality and energy efficiency of your electrical network power quality is a major concern for transmission and distribution utilities, industries such as mining, petrochemical and manufacturing, as well as infrastructure sectors. It affects reliability of the electrical network, plant productivity and performance of electrical equipment connected to the network and leads to higher operating costs.

The impact of poor power quality is high for distribution utilities. The integration of renewables leads to additional challenges. In the industrial sector, continually evolving manufacturing techniques and sophisticated equipment also lead to an increase in harmonics and associated effects on upstream equipment.

Power factor is the measurement of how effectively AC electrical power is being used. When the power factor is high and close to unity, high system efficiency can be achieved. Therefore, an improvement in power factor or a reduction in harmonics can lead to enhanced power quality, and energy efficiency, contribute to industrial productivity and lower carbon emissions, thus creating stronger, smarter and greener power networks.

ABB is a pioneer in power quality solutions and offers a wide product portfolio that helps enhance the power quality of electrical networks in high, medium and low voltage systems. ABB’s ABBACUS range of metal enclosed capacitor banks (MECB) are a ‘one stop’ solution for maintaining power quality in medium voltage networks and comprise of premium range of primary and secondary components, including world-class, highly reliable capacitors from ABB. The ABBACUS E-Series MECB improves power quality by compensating reactive power, improving power factor or passively mitigating harmonics. It consists of a compact modular enclosure that combines primary components with secondary control and protection equipment. The system can be either configured as fixed or switched, with the switched bank consisting of single or multiple steps, automatically controlled to improve power factor.

ABBACUS E-Series MECB is available in a range of models and is suitable for voltages up to 38 kV. It is fully assembled and factory tested in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environment.

The design of the ABBACUS E-Series MECB provides a solution suitable for electrical distribution utilities, integrators of renewable power e.g. wind or solar farm integrators and large industrial power users including mining, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, plastics, cement and heavy industries.

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