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Article Date: 1st October 2018

CPD Accredited Technical Seminars

CPD Accredited Seminars - CPD Seminars - Continuing Professional Development


We offer an extensive range of accredited CPD seminars, Training Courses and Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminars from prominent companies in the construction industry. A full range of CPD Seminars can be found on the CPD Seminars library on BuildingDesign. Continuing Professional Development enables you to enhance your skills and knowledge and keep you up to date and ahead with knowledge and skills to meet the CPD requirements and gain CPD points for professional improvement.

CPDs can be held at your UK offices or site and are given by highly experienced and skilled staff who offer invaluable technical content in your profession. The one hour seminars are free of charge and can be run over a lunchtime for best use of the working day.

For further information or to book a CPD please use the email option below:

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