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Article Date: 29th October 2018

LG - High Temperature ASHP from LG Transforms Home & Heating Costs!

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Leading distributor of LG heating products, Bublshop, based in Gillingham in Dorset has recently provided the design, technical support and the equipment for an MCS registered installer customer that has been able to transform a rural home in deepest countryside on the Dorset/Wiltshire border and provided a system that in its first year had running costs of just £34 – for the whole year!

When Peter and Angela Letts moved into the house, it was heated by an elderly oil boiler and had a small area of electric underfloor heating to keep one room a little warmer. The boiler was about 20 years old and had very definitely seen better days. It did the job but was very expensive to run and needed regular ‘care and attention’ to tease the last few months of heat out of it. It needed replacing and the homeowners did a lot of reading up on the options so that they had some idea of what they were looking for. The idea of an air source heat pump appealed – they liked the idea of renewable heat and were attracted by the environmental friendliness of the technology, but not a standard low heat version that needed to be on all day and which couldn’t cope with high volume hot water draw offs when the family was home.

It was at a local county show that the Letts met Bublshop’s Martin Perrin who was supporting a local installer on its stand and they shared their thoughts and concerns about their next heating system. They had been looking at log burners and other options that day, but this was the first time they had heard about high temperature air source heat pumps.

Martin dropped around to their home to undertake an initial assessment with the installer and measured up the home and put an option for the heating system replacement in front of them....they already had a small area of solar PV panels on their roof, so they were already open to the concept of renewable options for their home.

As Mr Letts said; “We are on a pension, so we were keen to invest in a system that would deliver the heat and hot water we needed, but which didn’t see us needing to manoeuvre too much – we wanted to make savings and keep our costs down and this seemed to be likely to deliver for us.”

And deliver it has done!

LG received MCS approval for its Therma V High Temperature heat pump which makes the unit available for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme – RHI.

This model of the popular Therma V range of air to water heat pumps from LG can deliver hot water at up to 80 degrees C for cascade dual refrigerant cycles of R410a and R134a and up to 65 degrees C for single refrigerant high temperature systems.

The new high temperature version of the unit is ideal for projects where replacement of an older heating system with an air source heat pump is required. The LG High Temperature unit is ideal for combining with hot water cylinders or thermal stores and has already been successfully linked with other renewable technologies including solar PV as in the case of the Lett’s home. A new installation will see the current tariff of 10.49 pence per kWh of renewable heat generated, paid by the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, paid quarterly for seven years from the date of installation. It may not be a game changer, but it is a very nice feeling to know that as well as providing inexpensive heat, the Government will pay you for every kWh of energy you generate with the heat pump!

LG Heat Pump Indoor UnitIn modern homes, with several bathrooms it’s common to see heating demand halved and hot water demand tripled – so high temperature air source heat pumps are ideal in this scenario – perfect for many refurbishment projects and spot on for new build properties as well. Mr Letts highlighted this aspect of the changes in his home: “Before we had the high temperature heat pump installed we couldn’t shower one after the other – we had to use a very expensive immersion heater to heat up the water before we could get a second shower out of the system. With this new system we can rely on a supply of hot water – they must be ideal for families where there are umpteen kids to bath and get to bed in the evenings!”

We have to check that annual cost Mr Letts mentioned earlier - £34 for the whole year?

“Indeed,” he says. “I keep an on-going spreadsheet of the meter reading, the units used and their cost and the average maximum outdoor temperature and the average minimum temperature. Of course, there is the initial cost of the installation, but you get that with whichever system you choose. On the basis of energy used and the RHI payments we received, the first year cost us a total of £34 to run our heating and hot water system. I think most people would say that was impressive by any standards!!”

“The way homes are built these days is very different and the issues we face have changed hugely,” says LG’s Donna-Marie Evans. “Achieving MCS accreditation gives us huge competitive advantage and a range of new options that we know work, that are cost effective and energy efficient and that importantly, allows installers to combine renewable technologies in a way that they haven’t been able to before.”

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