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Article Date: 15th October 2019

Piller Unveils New State-of-the-Art 2MW UPS

Piller New 2MW UPS

Single module, Lithium-ion ready UPS added to Piller range

The combined advantages of Piller’s newly unveiled, state-of-the-art UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ 2000 seem set to further enhance the company’s position as a leading global provider of high-end UPS systems.

The world’s largest single module battery-backed UPS will be delivered VRLA and Lithium-ion ready. Condensing the multiple paralleled solutions of others into a single unit, cuts cost and increases reliability in large data centre and other mission-critical environments.

It is highly scalable, allowing for 16 units in parallel with a total capacity of up to 32MW in one system. Furthermore, the technology allows for a complete range of system design options, from conventional low-voltage configurations to medium-voltage designs, through to the optimised efficiency and availability of leading-edge IP-bus systems able to deliver Tier III and even Tier IV compliance with simple N+1 redundancy.

The UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ 2000 is a high power density UPS developed from proven technology deployed across many data centres. On-line efficiency ratings of 97% promise significant cost savings for operators. The capital cost per kW is reduced significantly and maintenance is kept to a minimum with its capacitor-free and parallel-free internal layout. Like the servers it protects, the UPS can operate at elevated temperatures, or with an optional inbuilt liquid cooling system eliminating the need for additional air conditioning equipment.

This UPS will reduce day-one capital cost, save on space and perform reliably to protect your business today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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