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Article Date: 26th Octobr 2020

Samsung Electronics Extends Wind-Free™ Wall-Mounted Range to Commercial Applications & Residential Heat Pumps

Samsung Extends Wind-Free Range Image

Following the official introduction of the new Wind-Free™ wall-mounted air conditioner platform in January this year, Samsung now announces the Wind-Free™ Deluxe, a wall-mounted air conditioner for its VRF (DVM) and Eco Heating System (EHS) heat pumps.

With Wind-Free™ Deluxe for VRF, Samsung extends its Wind-Free™ wall-mounted range to medium sized and large commercial buildings, such as hotels or offices. With Wind-Free™ Deluxe for EHS, an all-in-one heating and cooling solution can be created for residential houses. The Wind-Free™ Deluxe features Samsung’s unique Wind-Free™ Cooling technology, complemented by intelligent control options and a high ease of installation. For EHS, the Wind-FreeT™ Deluxe can be combined with the TDM Plus heat pump and Tank Integrated Hydro Unit, to form a ClimateHub solution for cooling, heating and domestic hot water supply.

Steve Fleming, Head of Air Conditioning at Samsung commented; “At Samsung, we’re always keen to launch the most innovative products to market, and this product extension is an example of that. Since the launch of the Wind Free™ range, it has always been our goal to make Wind-Free™ technology available for a wider audience. The product is able to disperse air in a uniform stream, to allow the user to be comfortable, without experiencing those unpleasant cold drafts.”

Wind-Free™ Cooling Technology

Like the Wind-Free™ wall-mounted models for residential usage, the Wind-FreeTM Deluxe is equipped with the unique Samsung Wind-Free™ technology. Wind-Free™ technology enhances indoor comfort by using thousands of micro-holes to disperse fresh air uniformly without any unpleasant blasts of cold wind. In Wind-Free™ mode, air is spread softly and silently, creating a ‘Still Air’1environment that allows people to live, work and relax comfortably without experiencing unpleasant cold drafts.

Smart Operation

The Samsung Wind-FreeTM Deluxe can be operated via wired or wireless controllers that feature various advanced functions for convenient control of indoor climates. Additionally, the unit can be controlled and monitored remotely by using the Samsung SmartThings App and Bixby Voice Control2 letting users turn their air conditioner on or off, select preferred cooling modes, schedule operations, and monitor energy consumption. For smart functions to be available, the optional Wi-Fi kit needs to be installed.

Easy Installation

The new unit has been designed to be installed and serviced easier and faster than conventional wall-mounted models. Compared to conventional brackets, the Wind-FreeTM Deluxe uses a roller type bracket that easily slides into place and for which only two installation screws are needed. This results in an up to 45% shorter installation time compared to conventional models3. Additionally, the unit features a snap-fit bottom cover that can be easily opened and closed in case of servicing. Due to the outside placement of the air filters, servicing can be done without opening the entire unit.

TDM Plus

Within the EHS range, the Wind-Free Deluxe™ can be combined with the TDM Plus system. This system is an ‘All-In-One’ Air-to-Water (A2W) and Air-to-Air (A2A) system that offers a complete home climate solution. It can be used throughout the year for cooling and heating to meet a variety of different user situations and needs. It enables underfloor heating/cooling and radiator heating, as well as offering air-to-air cooling with various options for air conditioning, such as the new Wind-Free Deluxe™. The system’s potential can be maximised by connecting to Smart Grid or Solar Power (PV).

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