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Article Date: 19th October 2020

SIG - Zero Carbon Mastic Asphalt

SIG Zero Carbon Mastic Asphalt

All the mastic asphalt SIG Design & Technology supplies is zero carbon and contributes to the UK’s sustainable development goals.

Now we’ve obtained an Impact Report that shows that choosing zero carbon mastic asphalt supplied by SIG Design & Technology has saved 94 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and prevented the burning of 71 tonnes of wood per year, alongside many other social benefits.

Making Mastic Asphalt Zero Carbon

The initiative to make mastic asphalt zero carbon is supported by the manufacturer of the mastic asphalt, IKO group, and the Mastic Asphalt Council. To make their product zero carbon, IKO have worked with CO2balance, a carbon management consultancy that runs innovative projects aimed at reducing carbon production and supporting sustainable development around the world. This partnership has enabled IKO to offset all the carbon emissions associated with the production and supply of its mastic asphalt product, Permaphalt PMA.

The Numbers

Over the last few years, SIG Design & Technology sales of polymer modified mastic asphalt have produced a carbon footprint of 93.95 tonnes CO2e per annum.

The choice of zero carbon mastic asphalt has each year

  • saved 94 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • saved 71 tonnes of wood from burning
  • supplied 58,659 litres of clean water
  • helped 78 people in Kenya and 27 people in Uganda

This initiative doesn’t only mean a reduction in CO2 emissions in Kenya and Uganda. It also enables support for communities in these countries to help them improve their lives and contribute to a better environment.

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