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Article Date: 28th September 2017

Wienerberger Sandtoft - Heritage Service

Heritage Service - Handmade Roof Tiles - Natural Clay Tiles

Sandtoft Heritage Service

The Sandtoft Heritage Service is a specialist conservation and restoration service that creates bespoke handmade roof tiles and fittings.

From cottages and barns to stately homes, many of our older buildings offer a profusion of detail that, today, would be deemed an architectural luxury.

Over the centuries, the use of roofing material has varied from place to place, with a diversity determined by local geography and material availability.

One of the most enduring and appealing of these materials was natural clay; which became desirable for its mellow appearance and weathering properties. Its popularity as a roof covering was enhanced by its unique ability to be pressed into a multitude of shapes and designs.

This enabled past designers to create an endless landscape of decorative roofs through the inclusion of ornate finials, ridges and hips. Builders in the 17–19th centuries in particular placed great emphasis on appearance and detail and strove to add character to their work.

Typical Heritage products:

  • Tegula & Imbrex
  • Under & Overs
  • 11' x 7' Plain Tiles
  • Peg Tiles
  • Feature Tiles, such as Club, Fish-Tail, Scalloped, Ogee, Arrow-Head Patterns, etc
  • Oast-House Tiles
  • Specialist Pantiles
  • Bambino Tiles & Single Roman
  • Triple Roll & Corrugated Tiles
  • Specialist Double Romans
  • Vault Tiles
  • Decorative Crested Ridges
  • Slotted Ridges & Inserts
  • Bespoke Finials, Hips and 4-Way sections
  • Clay Sculptures and Decorative Terracotta
  • Cloaked Verges and Vertical Hanging
  • Glazed Tiles and features, or colour Engobed Tiles

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