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Article Date: 12th September 2018

Carlo Gavazzi Makes Energy Meter Integration Simple

Energy Meter - BACnet Protocol - Building Automation - Control Systems

Carlo Gavazzi makes energy meter integration simple

The BACnet protocol dominates the HVAC market and is generally used within building automation control systems however, this is not so common for energy metering products. Frequently, especially with electrical energy meters, the Modbus protocol is still commonplace.

Carlo Gavazzi’s SB2WEB24 is a configurable BACnet gateway which converts Modbus RTU and/or TCP/IP points from any Modbus device in to BACnet objects. The gateway works as a translator between the two protocols, resulting in BACnet points becoming available to the BACnet/IP network.

Centralised logging and supervision of the converted Modbus points is achieved with a suitable BACnet client, usually a BMS controller or supervisor package.

Designed for use within buildings and HVAC applications
With the SB2WEB24’s BTL certification and simple setup procedure, the collection of data from Modbus devices and mapping to BACnet points is easily achieved.

There is a regular requirement to integrate Modus devices in building automation applications, especially with electrical energy meters. The SB2WEB24 provides an efficient solution to speed up this process.

Up to 128 Modbus devices can be monitored with a single SB2WEB24 Gateway, which can also provide a logging and FTP push function, together with notification if any or the Modbus devices become disconnected from the Modbus network.

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