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Article Date: 6th September 2018

Schneider Electric - UK the first EU Nation to Adopt Schneider Electric’s Home Automation Controller WISER™ for C-Bus

Home Automation Controller - Energy Management - Home Control Hub

Schneider WISERTM for C-Bus

Britain will become the first Member State to welcome the WISER™ for C-Bus (Schneider Home Automation Controller) introduced by Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation. The WISER™ for C-Bus is an advanced controller designed to provide unlimited flexibility, simplicity and efficiency by uniting common household communication protocols.

For the first time, UK residential properties can benefit from the controller’s ability to integrate and automate the home’s disparate systems. This includes lighting, temperature control, blinds, curtains, multi-room entertainment, watering systems, energy management and security functions.

The controller also acts as a home control hub, giving users the freedom to change settings and systems from anywhere using only a handheld device such as a phone or a tablet.

The key features of the WISER™ for C-Bus include:

  • A gateway – for interoperability and a seamless user experience;
  • Native connectivity with all MODBUS, RS232, RS485 and IP devices
  • A user interface – based on a web server application that provides a clear, structured view of all functions, scenes and values for easy access from smart devices;
  • Memory functions – the display of multiple consumption data; gas, water and electricity in real-time, daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly;
  • Logic controller – for advanced programming and creation of function blocks for optimum energy efficiency and comfort;
  • Event controller – to enhance communications by sending notifications or messages in case of system failure or issues.

Easy and efficient to install, the new controller has a compact, ergonomic design and mounts easily within a C-Bus enclosure via standard DIN rail mountings. It connects to standard RJ45 sockets and pre-programming is possible whilst still in the box through a front-facing USB connection.

Asad Zaidi, category marketing manager for smart space at Schneider Electric, said: “The WISER™ for C-Bus will reinvent how we look at the connected home. This controller allows traditional C-Bus setups to go much further than other automation systems, providing convenience and added comfort to all occupants.

The WISER™ for C-Bus is now available for purchase. It will be purchasable via Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert channel and through homeware and electrical retailers.

For more information on the WISER™ for C-Bus or Schneider Electric’s full suite of connected products, please use the email option below:

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