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Article Date: 30th September 2019

Aquilar - AquiWave Wireless Leak Detection System Launched

Aquiwave Wireless System - Fuel Leak Detection - Water Leak Detection

Aquilar Aquiwave

AquiWave is a compact wireless leak detection system designed for use in commercial or residential premises to protect high-value assets.

• Safeguard property and contents with a reliable and proven secure wireless leak detection system

 • Look after assets and keep things working

Simply add devices to build the system required. The AquiWave system is suitable for installation in areas where traditional wired systems may not be suitable or where a wired installation would cause too much disruption. It is almost a completely wireless system with only the panel requiring wired connection to 230Vac.

AquiWave is a premium bespoke water and fuel leak detection solution available from stock. A radio survey is strongly recommended to be carried out on all sites prior to the installation of a system.

The AquiWave system has been designed around proven Wireless Fire Alarm systems that complies with EN54 Part 25. Requires no specialist software for setting-up or programming.

It is simple to install and can easily be taken out and relocated (within wireless range) making it ideal for temporary installations such as partly complete construction sites, apartments, galleries, museum and storage areas.

AquiWave joins Aquilar's vast range of leak detection products for multiple applications.

For further information please contact Aquilar using the email option below:

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